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Enthusiastic Customer Advocates

Customer loyalty is not easy to achieve. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of competition.

Merely satisfying customers is not sufficient to generate loyalty. The world is full of perfectly functional companies like yours that are every bit as capable of providing satisfaction.

Loyalty is not highly correlated with satisfaction. Whereas, Disloyalty is very highly correlated with dissatisfaction. You should remove every shred of friction from the customer experience. Then only you can delight your loyal customers enough to turn them into the advocates you want them to be.

You concentrate on turning loyal customers into genuine advocates on your behalf – customers who enthusiastically promote your product or service to their friends.


Always try to see the problem through their eyes. You should know how to think like the customer, how it feels to be that particular customer.

Empathy involves always acting in the customer’s interest. Treat each customer the way you’d want to be treated yourself if you were that customer. You know, this is how you’d treat a friend, right?

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