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Four Letter Words

“We really need it. If we don’t we can’t make the customer happy. Wouldn’t it be
easy if we just did it like that? Can you try it real fast?”

‘Just’ seems to be a favorite word. Anytime someone uses it, they don’t mean ‘just’,
they mean “just this and all of this too.”

When a client says ‘I need you to make a change’. It would make all the difference if
they said ‘Could you please make a change’.

Yeah, I know I need to get over it but man ‘need’ drives us crazy.

When collaborating with others – especially when designers and programmers are
part of the mix – watch out for these dirty four letter words:

• Need
• Must
• Can’t
• Easy
• Just
• Only
• Fast

They are especially dangerous when you string them together… …

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