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Say Yes With Confidence

When you respond to requests for action – Yes, Sure, Definitely, 100%, Pucca are some of the polarized responses.

You need to work in tandem. The world lives on interdependency. The best performers also rely on people other than themselves to achieve their objectives.

Towards this end you may find reaching out to various people and ‘depend’ on them. It is, however, surprising how people look at these requests with different prisms. At one end of the spectrum to some it’s a casual enquiry and at the other end a definitive call to action for the others.

However, for some strange reason the response is heavily crowded at the casual end rather than a mean.

Most of the time, you may not take these requests seriously and have you wondered why?

The reason is simple. You don’t see a request in the light that good performers do. You don’t surf, you plough.
You not only take seriously but also do what others expect.
That someone has reached out to you is the start of the responsibility chain and the first link in the chain is an appropriate answer.

Appropriate doesn’t mean diplomatic. It means…

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