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Emotional abuse

You might remember a 1944 movie – Gaslight.

In the movie, husband talks to his wife that she is going to be insane. by manipulating the gaslight in their house.

Gaslighting is when someone uses a series of tack ticks, making people doubt their reality.

It is like brainwashing.
Gaslighting depends on you not trusting your own perception, reality, or feelings.

Here are few examples what people experience.

1) Difficulty in knowing your Likes and Dislikes. Gaslighters try to control almost everything of your life- clothing choices or food preferences. If someone asks – what kind of Icecream you like, and you turn to your spouse for the answer- that”s real red flag.
2) You are constantly apologising, without knowing Why.
Gaslighting really makes you feel responsible for your emotions and actions.

3) How much you do for others, they expect and feel you haven’t done enough for them.

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