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Boost Your Career

Steer your career into the right direction and find the next dream job.
Ensure you have what employers are looking for
You stay in touch with the latest developments,
Newest tools and general trends.
Keep your skills fresh and your career current.
Understanding the latest trends in your job and industry to identify the next best career moves to make

Google Trends: A free service that allows you to map out how the worldwide search volume for your chosen key terms is changing. You can also compare a number of terms to see the relative trends.
Elance: A site that helps to find freelancers for different jobs also analyses the global job market and provides trends on jobs by skills required with an analysis of whether demand has risen or fallen in the last quarter.
ILO: The International Labour Organization (ILO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, publishes a lot of really useful data on labour markets and global employment trends.
Topsy: A social media search engine that features a Twitter analytics tool. You can compare up to three subjects to understand which one is trending the most.
Google Alerts: Set it up so you get the latest news about your industry and job directly to your inbox. You can not only check out the latest news and trends but also get alerts for job offerings as soon as they come up.

Find the job opportunities…

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It could hurt your career

Some of the ways you could damage your career are obvious:

poor work performance
shouting at your boss
stealing from the company

are all pretty well-known career-harmers. But there are less obvious things you might be doing that can also damage your career without you realizing it – and they’re worth paying attention to.

You might harm your work progression that might not be so obvious.

Staying too long at one job

You might think that loyalty to an employer would be valued, and it is, but there’s also a point where staying too long at one company can raise questions for future prospective employers about how you’ll adapt to new environments.

Somewhere north of eight years and south of 20, many employers start worrying that you’ll be stuck in one company’s way of doing things, won’t have been exposed to a wider variety of practices and cultures, and thus won’t adapt easily…

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Why Employers should hire You

Employers are able to be pickier in a tight job market.

You might be wondering what it takes to get a job.

Who are chosen for interview?

Look at these key areas, employers look for while reviewing your application:

You can do the job

You sure think you can do the job. Employers are looking for concrete evidence in your past that shows that you can, meaning that you need to have a track record of success in the skills required in the position…

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Reference checks can make or break your Job searching

Sam was in career-transition. He applied for a job to few companies. Not much
success. One evening, he was sitting with Julia over a cup of coffee.

Julia knew about his efforts and outcomes. Sam asked whether he can give Julia’s
name for reference checks. Julia agreed.

Sam and Julia then discussed how Reference checks work. Julia was in favour of it;
Sam was sceptic about it.

Look at the gist of their talk … …

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