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Corporate Talent Management – What’s Next?

Now focus is on “People.” Engagement, empowerment, and environment are now the real issues companies face.

For the last ten years businesses and human resources departments have been heavily focused on building talent management strategies, helping manage people from “pre-hire to retire’’ and educating CEOs and business leaders about the importance of talent.

Your ability to attract talent is now one of the biggest differentiating factors in business.

Do today’s “talent management” programs, as defined, work?

The answer is simple: “Talent management” strategies we conceived in the last ten years are rapidly becoming out of date. A focus on “pre-hire to retire” is becoming less relevant, stack ranking and performance management is being totally revamped, corporate training is undergoing a total transformation, and the concepts of “staffing and assessment” are being replaced by a focus on corporate culture, engagement, work environment, and empowerment…

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