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Effective Business Writing

You write in business, to convince others

Buy a product or service
Approve a budget
Sign a proposal
Change a process

Your writing needs to be compelling and relevant to persuade people to read it and take desired action toward your objectives

A powerful and effective communications methodology can help you discard tedious, time-consuming writing habits you might have developed since childhood

Develop analytical thinking techniques that facilitate clear, reader-focused writing
Ask probing, insightful questions that will help to identify your reader’s perceptions, empowering your writing to speak directly to their needs
Cultivate active-listening skills to let you focus on how your readers interpret your words; and, to identify your audience’s motivation

You should write with intention so your words don’t obscure your ideas

Develop a compelling business story that will engage your readers
Use persuasive writing techniques to produce powerful proposals, reports, emails, and more…

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