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Fear of conflict

Do you have a fear of conflict?

Even senior managers, respond to conflict by being overly aggressive or avoiding
the situation. Both responses are bad for business because it reduces creativity,
productivity, efficiency and profitability; and, detrimentally affects relationships
(increasing levels of absenteeism and staff turnover while reducing morale).

Dennis, a newly-appointed manager is working in a large banking organisation. His
previous roles and resumé read impressively. Asked to present the strategic plan for
next year’s activity, his reputation as a highly-skilled manager will be put to the test.
Especially when he presents to those assembled – the bank’s marketing department
and advertising agency, the latter noted for their prowess in delivering presentations.

A brilliant strategist, Dennis knows he is a poor presenter – nervous before
an audience he avoids eye contact, shifts about in his position, makes mistakes in
reading the slides and talks down to people. Dennis doesn’t like presenting in front of
people at the best of times… …

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