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Crisis comes – no invitation required

Late afternoon, I was driving home. I always Exit from ECP (East Coast Parkway, Singapore) and turn at Fort Road.

Suddenly at T junction, a Van banged from behind and pushed my car almost 100 feet farther. I was shocked. I got down and went to the Van behind. There were few passengers inside and they were trembling from shock. Later, I found the Van belongs to an institution of people with mental difficulties.

I was angry at the driver, how he can drive recklessly while carrying these people. He simply apologized. He called people from the office. While waiting for Police to come, I checked whether anyone inside the Van was injured. No visible signs of injury (no bleeding or bone injury). Thank God.

What happens in situations like these!

Your tour bus driver is pulled aside and ticketed for drunken driving while taking a busload of elderly people to Elderly Care Centre.

A 4-year-old girl drowns in a swimming pool while the lifeguard who was supposed to be on duty was…

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