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The Gandhi you know, and the one you don’t

There are facets of the man that the whole world knows.

Married as teenagers, and ‘jealously possessive’ till her death decades later

Gandhi and Kasturba—both born in 1869—were married in 1883.

Back then, it was a five-day bullock-cart journey to cover the 300kms between Rajkot, where he lived, and Porbandar, the wedding venue. Gandhi and Kasturba were married for 61 years, and he often describes himself as a jealous and possessive husband.

She died in 1944 at the Aga Khan Palace in Pune, where she was imprisoned with Gandhi from 1942 onwards for participating in the Quit India movement.

London calling, and the experience of life on a broader canvas

In 1888, Gandhi moved to London to study law, convincing his mother and brother that his religious values would not be compromised.

This was a period of exposure not just to bad weather and worse food, but also to ideas and people who would influence his personality…

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