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Group coaching

Pathfinders Business coaching is a group coaching process. A team of senior executives in a group attend the session.

Group coaching or Team coaching is a powerful and effective strategy for learning and leadership development. What’s more, it can take place in a virtual environment, making it attractive from a convenience and cost perspective. It can produce quicker results.

For newcomers or introverts, there are multiple participants in the coaching sessions. Participants may or may not work in the same business unit, department or country. Instead, they are united by a common goal or goals. For example, a coach may decide on the group approach upon recognizing that a number of executives are struggling with similar issues, say the decision-making process or discomfort in presenting to large audiences.

Pathfinders Discovery chapter exactly does that – identifying next most important challenge for the team. While senior executives state challenges in different proportion, the coach will facilitate to decide over One single major issue that can impact bottom line…

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