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Ask these non-tech questions for hiring a developer

The key to a well-rounded tech hire is an in-depth interview

You might have experienced it is difficult finding a developer. Tech investment is heating up and tech startups are around every corner. The big Silicon Valley firms like Facebook, Google and Twitter have already been here for years and are hiring too.

You may think your potential developer candidate has got the technical chops you need: performed well on coding challenges, whiteboard exercises look great and knows your stack.

The right engineer is someone who communicates effectively and knows what it means to be part of a team.

So before you send out that offer letter, ask them some non-technical questions too.

Here are few suggestions:

What are your hobbies? This is a nice opener because it creates a bond with the engineer outside of simply tech. You can see how they talk about something they’re passionate about.

Give me an example of a time you helped a non-technical person with a technical problem, and how did you explain it to them? This one is a gem. You immediately understand if your choice candidate has worked with non-technical people in a meaningful way by the terms they use when describing non-technical people and the explanation itself…

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When someone quits

Say, you’ve hired just over 60 people in your company’s history. Today, you’re at 50 and still hiring.

The first loss could be the most difficult. You had to let your very first employee go due to poor performance.

Each subsequent firing can hurt your soul a little less. You then learned to couch things in mind in terms of what would help the rest of the team when you were confronted with the shocked look on the face of anyone who’s just been told she/he is no longer got a job.

Then, when you were perhaps a dozen people, a brilliant programmer of yours sat you (the founders) down one morning and said she was quitting. Initially, you could be stunned. You can’t fire us! Losing her would put us in a bind, as you had a product to build and competitors to stay ahead of.

Then she told us his reason: “I’ve been dreaming of starting my own company, and a friend and I have finally decided to do it.” That could change everything…

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A Key Responsibility of Effective Leaders – Team building

Are you polishing humans, or preparing robots?

As a leader, cannot deny the importance of building effective teams.
Team building is one of your key responsibilities of effective leaders.
Having said that, depending on the experience and exposure, leaders find different ways and techniques for team building and many times this is related to cultural norms in a specific society.
No matter how different the techniques or the philosophy is, leadership like to see the process of team building as they key to organizational success.

Similarly, you might have different approaches towards main traits for effective teams. Some might focus on building morale; others might consider creativity and initiative as the crucial! No matter which trait is a priority, it is essential to…

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Why Employers should hire You

Employers are able to be pickier in a tight job market.

You might be wondering what it takes to get a job.

Who are chosen for interview?

Look at these key areas, employers look for while reviewing your application:

You can do the job

You sure think you can do the job. Employers are looking for concrete evidence in your past that shows that you can, meaning that you need to have a track record of success in the skills required in the position…

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