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Have you thought of responding to these Interview Questions?

You may have come across many writes on this subject. You might have attended few workshops on Successful Interview skills, etc.

What I am talking to you today, is bit different. This is not merely for succeeding in Interviews. It is more than that.

This is for success in your life, too.

“What are your hobbies?”. Usually asked this question in between other technical and work related questions.

Usually there is a pause of surprise and confusion not only on the interviewee’s face but also on co-interviewer’s faces.

There are reactions to this question.

Some people fumble and do not know what to answer. This was not in their FAQ list.

Some give a blank look and rattle several things – music, dance, soccer…

There is a third type who after the initial pause of surprise, suddenly seem excited.

There is a spark in their eyes. Then they talk about their hobbies…

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