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Persuasion in Business communication

In general you don’t get what you want by lying down, screaming hysterically and drumming your heels on the floor.

Let us look into a more subtle process in which you consciously seek to establish rapport with the persons you are trying to persuade.

Those people who are interested in other people find easy to build rapport, but these skills can also be learned.

Let me help you to acquire some simple techniques which will help you to do so.

The art of persuasion, of influencing the people around you, is a vital skill in the workplace. Without it you will be simply ineffective.

Today businesses are run largely by cross-functional teams of peers and populated by baby boomers that show little tolerance for unquestioned authority.

Work today gets done in an environment where people don’t just ask ‘what should I do?’, but ‘why should I do it?’

To answer this ‘why’ question effectively is to persuade.

What can separate you as the persuader from the rest is that your ability to understand…

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