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Internal Consultant Managers

Management is changing. It is becoming more ‘market and change’ oriented. This has been happening through lean organisations.

New ‘consultant managers’ include specialist internal staff who provide change advice, facilitation and management, typically on a project/program basis. These individuals see their role as associated with a form of consultancy, even if they use various job titles.

Senior managers look to harness the opportunities this new development presents, especially when there is pressure not to use external consulting. While some consultant managers operate individually, most work in different organisational units responsible for achieving change across diverse organisations and sectors.

There are four main options for senior managers and civil servants seeking to organise change internally – the TESI model – and considers the broader implications for management occupations, such as Human Resource Management (HRM) and Information Technology (IT) managers.

The TESI model of organising change internally
The ‘TESI’ model represents the four dominant types of change delivery unit in which consultant managers operate:


Each one addresses particular strategic pressures and can be distinguished along two dimensions…

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