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Win an interview

Three unbelievably cool things happened to me this week.

I now have the first hardcover copies of my new book in my hands. It’s a real thing now!

CEO of Fortune 500 company told me he’d been following my interviews with Eric Gan about how to get a job at Google, or anywhere.

He asked how his company could adopt some of those same practices.

I am glad – Someone is listening!

Next week, a new job-seeker spotted me in Kopitiang cafe.

“I read every one of your articles about resumes and what Google looks for, did what you said, and just started at Google last week. I just want to thank you for helping me get hired by Google.”

Noogler candidate (new + Googler)’s expression: you’ve got an awesome resume. You’ve avoided the errors that plague almost 60% of resumes, nailed the right keywords, and your accomplishments burst from the page…

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Your interview is a two way street

Have you come across one question that could set you apart from the others?

While most candidates spend their time in a job interview talking about themselves, not realizing interviews are a two-way street will be your key to success.

According to Marc Cenedella, founder and CEO of professional jobs website, the secret to nailing your interview lies in the very last question:

‘Do you have any questions for me?”

Your answer should be “Yes,” followed by, “How can I help you be more successful?” he writes in Business Insider.

“This bit of advice has helped more people in more interviews than any other bit of advice I’ve shared over the years,” he said, adding it shows the candidate has empathy and an interest in their potential boss’s career and success…

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Why Employers should hire You

Employers are able to be pickier in a tight job market.

You might be wondering what it takes to get a job.

Who are chosen for interview?

Look at these key areas, employers look for while reviewing your application:

You can do the job

You sure think you can do the job. Employers are looking for concrete evidence in your past that shows that you can, meaning that you need to have a track record of success in the skills required in the position…

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A single email can ruin your chances of getting an interview or job

Having an unprofessional address. If you like to traverse the Web as “Wonderworld” or “Partying Paul,” get a different email address for job searching. Addresses like these are so unprofessional that they will trump anything else about your application.

Formatting your email like a business letter. When you’re sending business correspondence through postal mail, you should include the date, your address, and the recipient’s address at the top of the letter. However, when you’re emailing someone, there’s no need to include any of that info, and doing so makes you look like you don’t use email much.

Making recipients jump through anti-spam hoops to respond. We all want to get less spam, but if you make someone fill out an anti-spam form to get their email through to you, then you might find that some employers just don’t bother.

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