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Your investment in Start-ups

Investing in a start-up is exciting

Know the risks

Business owners like you, think of diversifying after few years of running your business successfully.

Investing in a start-up can seem really attractive. Putting funds into a start-up can be quite risky, though, so it is important to consider the investment carefully.

Invest in a Start-Up

I am sure you have heard of start-up hub “Blk71″.

The start-up scene is indeed thriving in Singapore, with new companies beginning in start-up hub “Blk71” and accelerators, as well as in homes across the island.

Whether you hear about a start-up from a friend who has a great idea or an online portal, the opportunities are alluring.

More people than ever seem to be considering investing in a start-up.

One option for investing is simply to put money into a new business started by a friend, family member or…

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