Tag: Life without Wi-Fi

Life without Wi-Fi

Can you imagine such life!

Companies collect your Personal Data – you value your privacy; however, when you use Social media, there is no protection! Your thoughts, likes, images, etc. could be stolen for criminal uses. Google Data collection tentacles is active 24 x 7. And, there are more – Microsoft, Credit card companies, and Companies conducting contests.

It is impossible to to have a private life unless you move to an island without Wi-Fi.

During 2017, selected Google advertisers have had access to a new tool to track whether the advertisements they run online led to a sale at physical store in the USA. That knowledge came partly to a stockpile of Mastercard transactions that Google paid for.

Majority of Mastercard holders (2 billions) did not know of a secret deal between Mastercard and Google. With this deal, Google got an access to Mastercard data used measure retail spending. See how much consumer data technology firms secretly absorb…

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