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Little scratch

This is festive season – time to give….
What gift to give, is a question in mind for everyone – young or old.
Here is a suggestion – A gift like the book ‘Little scratch’

“Reading little scratch has broken my heart and opened my mind. It is a daring display of experience that persists and persists and never loses its light.” —Jenny Slate, New York Times bestselling author of Little Weirds

“Technology is affecting the way we think, and Rebecca Watson’s little scratch is a novel that captures this. . . Watson lets the words flow, jumbled and urgent as our thoughts are, like Kerouac and his scrolls . . .This isn’t a long book; that’s part of how the author is able to pull it off. . .But it charms. The book’s unconventional strategy fell away as I read; I cared about the narrator as one does a well-drawn character. She scratches at her skin throughout the book, and eventually I felt it.”—The New Republic

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