Tag: Make your sales team more prouctive

Make your sales team more prouctive

Try these and see vibrant more productive team working for you

Get them enough sleep. 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep is prime.
• Make them move. Planning a morning run or other exercise (it helps to enjoy it!) helps them to hit the ground running – open laptop and start making calls.
• Consider 90-minute working blocks. can only concentrate for 90 minutes on a given task.

You have to take care of your team
• Refuel correctly. It’s tough to stay focused if hungry! aim to regularly include protein, water, and fiber.

Do not think your techies cannot fail – have backup
• Make them better mobile salespersons.
Download important documents, maps, and presentations to your phone for offline use for when your WiFi fails you.
And consider a mobile SIM card from a different service provider in case of a dead zone.
• Combine multiple apps into one…

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