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Management Styles

How much you know of management styles – oh! I know it; learnt in my school during early days.
Something like Directive, Consultative, Authoritarian, and so on ….
Well, when do you use it – for what?

Primary objective of following this style is immediate compliance

Follow the way I tell you
• Closely controls employees
• Motivates by threats and discipline
It is only effective when there is a crisis, or when deviations are risky
However, it is not effective when either employees are underdeveloped – little learning happens with this style; or,
When they are highly skilled – they become frustrated and resentful at the micromanaging.

The AUTHORITATIVE (Visionary) style has the primary objective of providing long-term direction and vision The “firm but fair” manager
• Gives employees clear direction
• Motivates by persuasion and feedback on task performance
Effective when:
• Clear directions and standards needed
• The leader is credible

Ineffective when:
• Employees are underdeveloped – they need constant guidance on what to do
• The leader is not credible – people won’t follow your vision if they …

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