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Marketing mishaps

Dating website Match.com ads in London’s underground suggested that red hair and freckles were “imperfections.” The Twitterverse lashed back — with some formal complaints filed with the Advertising Standards Authority.

As a general rule, throwing shade on physical features isn’t a smart call in marketing. Match.com responded by issuing a public apology and taking down the offending billboards.

Political climate and integrating customer feedback is a key to brand management. Marketing isn’t meant to be developed within a silo. Marketers should reach out to their colleagues in finance, sales, customer service, product and engineering for valuable help and guidance.

Branding is a feeling. Do not jump on the wrong wave. Do not use bad news to do your marketing or get into a big mess on accident.

Cheerios recently received the pushback for acknowledging the passing of Prince in a tweet, which was meant to pay tribute to the music giant, that read “Rest in peace” with a Cheerio where the dot above the “i” would be. The sign was in purple and tagged #prince…

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