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Who’s afraid of getting richer?

Of course, you are not.

You are not the kind of person who trips themselves up routinely. Or loves to blame the economy. Or tracks Powerball numbers the way Warren Buffett tracks the stock market.

Sometimes, your fears, ignorance or stuck behavior might stand in the way between you and wealth. You don’t see yourself as afraid of riches — but in reality, you might well be.

It’s unfamiliar You may need to increase your intellectual means to handle anything that’s unfamiliar — and that’s a documented phenomenon known as neophobia, “the tendency of an animal to avoid or retreat from an unfamiliar object or situation”
You don’t want to give up your non-necessities Identify your needs versus a want? Sounds like an easy question to answer, but many people don’t want to ask themselves that question — and diminish their investment potential as a result.

Manicures, landscapers and maids are not essential needs-Michael Chadwick, financial advisor at Chadwick Financial Advisors in Unionville, Conn.
Your thinking stinks Do not get hurt, but it is intimidating to drop that snarky anti-abundance stance. You must understand that your mind is a garden. … Uproot seeds of fear, frustration and defeat so you can change the harvest that you reap.
You’re reluctant to find allies to launch your big idea – Mastermind alliance: where one or more people help an entrepreneur reach their goals. If you’re reluctant to build a team, consider this…

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