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Modern-Day Entrepreneurs

Modern day Entrepreneurs VS ‘TOWKAYS’

Much has been said about the modern-day entrepreneur and how he is cut from different cloth compared to business leaders of yore.

Even the term “entrepreneur” became fashionable only recently. “Back in the day, they were called ‘businessmen’.

5 years ago, a young man came to see Mr Thomas Fernandez, founding chairman of PestBusters and asked him to be his mentor. The 21-year-old had an idea for a gaming app and told Mr Fernandez that he wanted to earn his first million dollars before he turned 23.

He was so adamant about it, and then he became so arrogant. He went (into the business) with money on his mind, and it was his ego that killed him. Mr Fernandez, turned him down.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen these days are “a bit overambitious”.

During yesteryears, they were more realistic and pragmatic. They even won’t say they want to build a million-dollar…

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