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Introspection by Pause process

Pausing isn’t easy.

In everyday life, you constantly rush to fulfill all your roles, yet there’s one role you may tend to neglect – being me, getting together with myself.

Pausing is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with
yourself and in addition – every process of internal work begins by making the choice to pause, conduct an intimate meeting with yourself and take the opportunity to introspect.

Whether we like it or not, life sometimes forces you to take a pause: the death of a relative, illness, a farewell, economic crisis or a change in the family.

However, you can make a conscious choice too to pause, breathe and ask – how am I doing?

Although it seems like some sort of meditation, the pausing process allows you to peel off your external layers, listen and take a look at yourselves, away from the automatic patterns that compose your daily routine…

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