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Networking-enriching your professional life

You are networking 24 x 7.
You network with your spouse, children, parents, colleagues, classmates, or friends.

When it comes to be with those whom you are meeting for the first time.
are you an introvert who is considering career networking (by choice or by force)?

Do you consider yourself as lacking imagination (introverts)?

Introverts averse for unnecessary interactions – this hinders in their career path.

You can grow your professional network despite your so-called weakness. Let me show you How ….

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Looking forward

Enriching your Life

Networking is an art that can be acquired, whether for social or professional objectives.

You may think you are introvert and Networking is not you cup of tea.

That’s not true. Networking enriches your life.

As a matter of fact, everybody networks – at home (with family & friends), in the office (gossip groups), emails forwarding (sharing jokes, information, etc.), telephone talks (sometimes, run for long time), at the Airport (waiting for departure), and so on…

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