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Job search rules that you may dare to break

You hear Dos and Donts in Job search from many experts. However, the world is changing; and with that these advices also need to be updated. Old guards may not be effective all the times.

1. Limit your resume to one page. You might have heard the one-page resume rule, but times have changed and two-page resumes are common now. If you only have a few years of experience, you should still stick to one page, but two are fine for everyone else.

2. Write in formal language. The most compelling resumes are written in real language, without jargon or stiffness. Write your resume in normal language, like the way you would describe your achievements to a friend. Don’t suck the life out of it with stuffy corporate-speak.

3. Include an objective. Hiring managers don’t really care about your objective; they care about what you can do for them. Resume objectives never help, and they can actually hurt if they aren’t tailored enough to the position or, even worse, if they have nothing to do with the position. Most objectives, though, simply waste space. Instead, include highlights or a skills summary… …

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