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Customer Loyalty

What are your holiday plans for this festive season?

Customers are busy and frazzled during the holidays, it’s the perfect time to capture their long-term loyalty.

You may be thinking of the holiday season as a time to increase revenue and close more business. Some of you may also think no one is interested to talk business during this festive time.

Let me tell you – customers are most likely to decide whether they like buying from you or would prefer to buy elsewhere in the future.

Make it easier to get support.

Surprisingly, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year for most customers. They will be shopping, ordering, and asking more questions than usual: in person, over the phone, at their computers, on their mobile devices, at work, in their cars, and from home.

Making it easier for customers to get support makes you a haven from the hassle. This creates good will and positive feelings that will keep customers loyal long after New Years have come and gone…

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Responding to Job rejection

Getting rejected for a job you really wanted is one of the worst parts of job searching. But if you handle the rejection well, you can get something useful out of the disappointment.

Don’t get angry

There’s no point in getting angry or taking a job rejection personally.
You might think that you were perfect for the job and resent the employer for not seeing it, or even feel angry that you spent your time interviewing.
But rejection comes with the territory when you’re hunting for a job, and in a market like this one, even highly qualified candidates get rejected because there’s often someone who is simply a better match for the position.

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