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Best Business Books

Last three years, Pathfinders select books they think are the best read for you. Some of these may already be on your radar, but others you might have missed.


How to Be a Power Connector

Author: Judy Robinett

Subtitle: The 5 50 100 Rule for Turning Your Business Network Into Profits

Why we like it: As somebody who is often overwhelmed by people who want to “connect” with me, Robinett’s system of differentiating between levels of contact was truly a revelation. It’s one of those books we wish we had read two decades ago.

“For you to become a master of strategic relationship, you need to do more than just connect, care, and add value (although those elements are the most basic requirements of any relationship).

You need to,

pinpoint the relationships you will pursue and nurture;
reach beyond just friends, family, and profession and build a wide network of…

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