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3 Communication Practices That Will Enrich Your Life

To make every recipe more nutritious and delicious, you use high quality ingredients. Similarly, a specific set of healthy communication practices can make every relationship more nourishing and life affirming. I want to share about foundational communication practices that will enrich your life.

You have known about these titles:

Assertiveness for Women
Powerful Speech
Being Charismatic!

You can apply just the right ingredient for a given situation.

There really are just a handful of skills that can serve as your “go-to” skills for almost anything. (The, “when in doubt, try this” set of skills.) These few key ingredients can help you be,

a better team player
a better leader
a better mentor or mentee
Even a better parent or partner

You should practice these few skills everyday, all the time, and keep at the forefront of your awareness. They influence everything.

1) The first of these ingredients is knowing “how you show up.” …

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