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Networking-enriching your professional life

You are networking 24 x 7.
You network with your spouse, children, parents, colleagues, classmates, or friends.

When it comes to be with those whom you are meeting for the first time.
are you an introvert who is considering career networking (by choice or by force)?

Do you consider yourself as lacking imagination (introverts)?

Introverts averse for unnecessary interactions – this hinders in their career path.

You can grow your professional network despite your so-called weakness. Let me show you How ….

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Portfolio living – Organizing your professional life

Artist’s portfolio, architect’s, or stocks
A work portfolio – you may include wide variey of work you do in your life
For males – full-time, permanent, or for-salary
For female – mostly home work or gift work

Add lots of experiences
1. Wage work – money for time
2. Fee work – money for results
3. Home work – cooking, cleaning, fixing, shopping, and so on
4. Gift work – volunteer work
5. Study work – education, training, learning

Compile certificates of competencies in varied subjects
What kind of intelligence do we have?

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