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Your Career Stalled

No career path, No future, No further opening

Few of you did approach Pathfinders with a challenge – Stalled career, No Career path, No future, No further opening, It’s getting boring …. And, deciding to leave the job!

Is that the right solution? What assurance that similar situation will not arise in your new venture?

When your company does not have a position for you to grow into – a “blocker” above you – usually your immediate superior – who’s doing a fine job and has no plans to retire, change industries, or migrate to another country. She/he may even have a blocker above her/him.

This is a maddening situation, but nothing new – it happens all the time in business. The main culprit is lack of growth; your company, industry, or the economy overall is in a hard place, standing still or even contracting.

In such situations, opportunities for upward mobility are necessarily hard to come by.

Family businesses too have blocking. “Pre-ordained” individuals often fill the higher positions.

Your only choice in such a situation, is to decide how long you’re willing to endure stress, and decide. Your patience should have an expiry date. “If something doesn’t change within a year, I’m putting out feelers, and within two years, I’m out of here,” you might conclude…

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