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Business coaching: Real life cases

I met Robert at the dinner last month. We exchanged greetings. I learnt in conversation with him that he was facing a challenge in his restaurant business. Robert is very particular about the quality of food and the materials he uses. In fact, Robert stands in the kitchen for hours to supervise on hygiene and quality. It earned a name for them.

They were in very strategic location near a popular shopping mall. Locals and foreigners go for shopping at the mall. They all come to Robert’s restaurant for taking meals.

Recently, Robert is facing a challenge from competition. Many food joints have opened. All wanted to take opportunity from the popular shopping mall. This was never thought by Robert when he started the business.

Robert call for coaching and formulated a strategy. It was well documented and shared with his key managers.

Together with the coach, Robert designed a program for formulating Business strategy, providing you a roadmap for moving ahead, with possible challenges on the way and how to overcome…

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