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You and your Clients

Make your clients believe You

You have come across many books, literature, talks on Sales. I am not giving you the old wine!

By now, I know many of you quite well – those who mingle at Pathfinders, who write to me or, ask me questions. Pathfinders love challenges.

Forget about Sales expenses – start talking about Investing in sales (sales persons and sales training).

Sales is a relationship topic – is constantly evolving and developing.

Your business is well equipped with techniques to increase/promote sales of your products/services.

You know your clients want something different. People love to buy things –they want to be led through a process they enjoy to chose whether or not your product or service is going to solve their challenges.

Sales is the act of helping another person discover if your product or service will be the “right choice” and Feeling “Right” about their choice.

What barriers in Feeling Right?

Your clients Are Not Clear About What They Are Buying.

You have missed being tangible with what they are getting…

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