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Say “Cheese”

Getting ready for a Group photo with newly married couple.

Sam had suggested take it when we are fresh. Here’s something that is always puzzling.

Whenever you are having your photos taken, you are told to say “cheese” and smile.

But if your parents also happened to be in the photo, they would be stone-faced. It’s not just photos: women do not have to worry about being instructed by random men to “smile.”

Somewhere, it is Bitchy Resting Face Nation, seemingly forever responding “um, I guess?” to any question the universe might pose.

This does not mean you are unhappy! Quite the opposite: The virile ruler, the vodka, the endless mounds of sour cream—they are pleasing to some. It’s just that grinning without cause is not a skill many possess or feel compelled to cultivate.

There’s a Russian proverb that translates, roughly, to “laughing for no reason is a sign of stupidity.”…

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