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Do you have social media career power

If you want to be successful, you NEED to maintain a great online brand.
Social media comes into play more often than you think.

In fact, over 80% of recruiters check out the social media profiles of candidates as part of their screening process.

So, how’s your online brand looking? Do you have social media career power? Take this quiz to find out!

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Digital Marketing and PR for Startups

The biggest challenge for any startup is rising above the noise and grabbing that initial customer attention. Whether you’ve recently launched, are about to launch…

How do you go from zero to sixty?
How do you use digital marketing and PR to interact with your consumer base when you don’t have a consumer base yet?
How do you compete with other startups and brands that already have the jump on you in your space?
How do you explain a brand new product or service and make people not only notice, but care and get involved?

Unless you’ve created something so unique, so earth shatteringly original and so needed by everyone that word spreads like magic, or your investment partners are so famous that their story carries yours, you’ll have to fight it out with everyone else…

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Social Media and Selling

Social media is all the rage right now and for good reason

You virtually have unlimited access to reviews, opinions, updates, people, information, etc.
You should leverage this tool to,

make connections
make better decisions
learn about companies, products and options, and
gain an edge in your personal and professional lives

Social media has changed your lives in many ways. It’s changed the way you make buying decisions as well. If you’re like most people today, you probably search several sites, read reviews, look for deals and coupons and then think about it before you make a decision to buy.

It’s obviously changed the way your prospects buy as well and that leads us to the million dollar question:
Exactly how beneficial is social media in helping you sell more of your products and services?

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