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Spelling Mistakes that Spell Check Won’t Catch

Everyone is now using computer spell check for finishing her/his write-up.
You can count on spell check to catch glaring errors, yet a computer can’t pick up mistakes if you’ve simply used the wrong word.

You will be embarrassed when certain words that share similar spellings and pronunciations but have different meanings. That’s why it’s important to proofread your writing especially considering so much of our professional communication is now done via email and not the telephone.

It could be Your presentation, Sales proposal, Promotion of a project, Your Application, Resume, or Cover letter.

Pay attention to some of frequently missed by spell check-making a less than ideal impression on your reader.

Affect versus Effect
“Affect” means to influence; “effect” pertains to a result, as in the phrase “cause and effect.”

There is a lot of confusion around this one but here’s the rule:
“Affect” is a verb and “effect” is a noun.

Farther versus Further
While both words refer to distance, grammarians distinguish “farther” as physical distance and “further” as metaphorical distance…

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