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Few Coaching Skills for EVERY Entrepreneur

You would be surprised at how many times you or many others like you, have hired and fully paid for a handbook copy you have loved but never used.


Well, many reasons, but in majority cases it has to do with some sort of block.

That’s why I’m a big believer in every entrepreneur knowing a few coaching skills.

As an entrepreneur who loves a done-for-you (exclusive) service you would think I would be the last person who would need to coach someone around mindset shifts through their blocks. It doesn’t get any more done-for-you then handing them (your senior team) a piece of handbook/manual copy plus the strategy for how to use it to get the best outcomes in business.

How many books/handbooks you have in your library bookcase in your chamber!

However, that does not help in most cases.

So how do I as a coach respond?
As much as I can, I try and step in and work them (your senior team) through whatever has got them stuck – a mental block or default mindset in my coaching terminology.
Sometimes, I call it a success trap – I succeeded doing it in past – this is my way of solving it, and that’s the right way! I do come across many arguments – we’re different, we have tried it before, etc., etc…

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We Are Automated

Cindy is a hard working person, who set up own business as a designer. She worked alone in the business. Later, the business expanded and she need to two or three more people to support. Now she has five people working for her. Yet she was always frustrated. She will be angry on them for not doing the work properly; and will do herself.

Finally, the staff left one by one. The Reason?

Cindy never allowed anyone to do the job. She did everything herself. She developed a belief that no one can do the job like her. Her trigger was when an employee asked to explain a task. Her reaction was it is easier to do herself than to explain.

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