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Success is not a destination

Success is not a destination – it is a process of continuous and overall improvement of your Life – leading to satisfaction and joyful Life.

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The Best Way To Start your Conversation

“A great way to be significantly more productive, is to start anything you’re about to do with one question:

What does a wildly successful outcome for this meeting, project, conversation — whatever it might be — look like?

If you ask that question up front you co-create success, because everyone involved knows what you’re shooting for and can actively works towards making it happen.”

A question: Why wouldn’t you want a wildly successful outcome? Why wouldn’t you want a wildly successful outcome for every other person involved?

When you plan to interview a writer for an article and normally would have said something like, “I’m looking for five or six tips readers can use to be more productive.”

That’s fine… but it’s also pretty bland. And it sets up the interview to be pretty bland…

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Are You Driving Exports to Growing Your Business?

The role of the Department of Commerce is to help set the conditions for businesses to succeed, grow, and create jobs.
– by providing data that drives a firm’s decision-making process, or granting a patent that helps turn an idea into a company.

Make no mistake, both small and large businesses have led the way to US economic recovery. The private sector has created 7.8 million jobs since March 2010, including 1.9 million jobs just this year alone.
Small firms represent more than 99 percent of all businesses, and have contributed to that success.

And, no different scenario in Singapore.

However, there is more the Obama Administration and the Commerce Department can do to ensure that small businesses in particular are positioned to take the lead in the global economy…

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Your Purpose in Life

You are hungry for optimizing the performance. As long as you are hungry, you’ll look tirelessly for satisfaction.
For entrepreneurs like you, one success is never enough. You immediately fix your eyes on the next hill.

Fulfilling a purpose is not to be in comfort zone. Once you find purpose in life, you won’t lose courage to face adversity. At the time, you stop comparing with others.

It is an experience of genuine happiness simply by being effective and working on your mission.

I heard what you say – sounds too good to be true!
Yes, that’s because you have not yet looked intentionally for your purpose. And, let me tell you there is no formula for purpose. You know it when you see it.

Tell me, why you do what you do…

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Business success

You are in business and know well how to succeed. However, I have seen many business owners get trapped in unnecessary processes and lose focus.

I like to suggest the following.

Don’t wait for a revolutionary idea. It will never happen. Just focus on a simple, exciting, empty space and execute as fast as possible.

Share your idea. The more you share, the more you get advice and the more you learn.
Meet and talk to your competitors.

Build a community.
Use blogging and social software to make sure people hear about you.

Listen to your community.
Answer questions and build your product with their feedback.

Gather a great team.
Select those with very different skills from you.
Look for people who are better than you…

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Belief and success

You have heard from many people that “belief” only works for people who are successful.

Ask these same successful people what they owe their success to and they’ll start using words like positive thinking and affirmations.

But people who struggle often articulate the success of others to “good luck” and their own struggles with “bad luck.”

If those who are achieving great things in their careers keep using the same words over and over again, maybe they are repeating these words because they are true or because the repetition helps them build confidence, making it true. Do you think – being successful really is simple and straightforward?

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