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Get to the Point

People may avoid you if simply you talk endlessly and never say anything.

Meandering your way through business communications is no way to get ahead. To the contrary, people who can’t get to the point quickly tend to be ineffective and highly frustrated.

Do you always have to add β€˜β€™one more thing ….’’ after you have finished talking?

Do you know if you take too long to get to the point?

People get up and leave the room before you are done talking
Your boss – or a potential buyer – says “no” before you are done with your pitch
Colleagues ask you a question that you just answered, which suggests they were daydreaming about a walk on the beach while you were pontificating
The meeting leader calls Security to physically remove you from the podium

Basically, the more often you say, “One more thing,” the greater the odds that you failed to get to your point fast enough…

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