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Maximizing Your Training Power

We have just one more thing for you before you get started.

Our company is built for trainers, by trainers, so we thought we would share some of our tips with you, to help you create an engaging, unforgettable experience for your participants.

Make it customized.

By tailoring each course to your participants, you will find that your results will increase a thousand-fold.

o Use examples, case studies, and stories that are relevant to the group.

o Identify whether your participants are strangers or whether they work together. Tailor your approach appropriately.

o Different people learn in different ways, so use different types of activities to balance it all out. (For example, some people learn by reading, while others learn by talking about it, while still others need a hands-on approach. For more information, we suggest Experiential Learning by David Kolb.)…

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