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Skype-powered chat rooms – Workspace of the Future

Wondering about the office of the future?

There will not be an office anymore in the future.

You are already work from Starbucks, in the car and at our kids’ softball games.

Rather than the cube farms and conference rooms of yore, workspaces will be like the areas of the typical home–open floor plans with couches and soft rugs; cozy, kitchen-like spaces with waist-high countertops; and covered outdoor patios with chaise lounges.

Floor64, the media and consulting company maintains a brick-and-mortar space in Sunnyvale, Calif., but also runs a bunch of Skype-powered chat rooms for remote workers–many of which are buzzing for most of the day.

“These [chat rooms], more than anything else, represent our ‘office,'” says CEO Mike Masnick, “and they don’t exist in physical space.”

Nearly 6 million Americans work from home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Cloud computing enables data backups and remote collaboration in real time. And group video chat–videoconferencing 2.0, if you will–has become dirt cheap (or, in the case of Google Hangouts, free)…

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