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It could hurt your career

Some of the ways you could damage your career are obvious:

poor work performance
shouting at your boss
stealing from the company

are all pretty well-known career-harmers. But there are less obvious things you might be doing that can also damage your career without you realizing it – and they’re worth paying attention to.

You might harm your work progression that might not be so obvious.

Staying too long at one job

You might think that loyalty to an employer would be valued, and it is, but there’s also a point where staying too long at one company can raise questions for future prospective employers about how you’ll adapt to new environments.

Somewhere north of eight years and south of 20, many employers start worrying that you’ll be stuck in one company’s way of doing things, won’t have been exposed to a wider variety of practices and cultures, and thus won’t adapt easily.

You can of course, combat this, by demonstrating adaptability:
Showing a progression in responsibilities and job titles, and finding other ways to show that you’re flexible, open to change and don’t have an insular viewpoint…

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