Take your maths seriously

An IT guy from India went to the US, and like most of his friends, he wanted to enjoy Pizza at a nice restaurant . . .
He ordered a 9-inch Pizza.
After a while, the waiter brought two 5-inch pizzas
And said, the 9-inch pizza was not available and he was giving him two 5-inches Pizzas instead,
and that he was getting 1 inch more for free!

Our guy politely requested the waiter to put him through to the restaurant owner.

The Indian gave him the mathematical formula to calculate the area of a circle.

Circle Area = π r²
where π = 3.1415926,
r is the radius of the circle.

So, a 9-inch circle area = 63.62 sq.in.
a 5-inch circle area is 19.63 sq.in.

The two 5-inch circle areas add up to 39.26 sq.in.

Our guy said that even if he gave three pizzas, he’d still lose-out.
“How can you say you are giving me an extra inch for free?”

The owner was speechless.
He finally gave him 4 pizzas.

Pl advise your children to take their Maths seriously!
Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise
www.my pathways.net

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