Technology disruption in family life

If it has not disrupted already, it can happen soon; at some point, even by accident (though no more ignorant), young one in the family may click on pornography!

You will have to wrestle with the pornography talk now, with your youngsters. Parents have dreaded over giving early lessons about ‘birds and bees’, and how to navigate healthy sex life for young adults.

Your young ones have many avenues – staring at bikini or scantly dressed girls on cover page of sports or health magazines on newsstand/bookstores.
Apart from morality, more severe disruption is on the mental and physical health of your family members.

Increased use of technology could be the main reason  for kids finding it hard to falling asleep. Kids here include teens and in some cases, even adults.
Recent survey in USA showed that 69% of children in USA do not get required amount of sleep.
Those youngsters not getting enough sleep, are more likely to commit suicide in future (86%); and around 60% are likely to smoke cigarette or drink alcohol. They are also risking memory loss, losing focus, or gaining weight.
Why they cannot get enough sleep – recent studies reveal that habitual Internet use or computer gaming could keep you awake

Though sleep is important, you are robbed by media and technology.
They are there 24 x 7 . Who are these bandits?
You should remove TV, Computers, Cellphones, Gaming, or other gadgets from bedroom.
Even when not in use, these devices emit high level of electromagnetic radiation. It disturbs melatonin production – a key player  in sleep pattern regulation.
Bright, unnatural light from electronic screens can also stimulate the brain and disrupt circadian rhythms.

When you Text till you drop!
Youngsters spend hours texting n setting and face booking. What did we once do with all those hours we now spend obsessively checking emails n texts?

Psychologists divide Tweeter users into “informers” n “meformers” – informing on facts for other tweeters; and those who tweet on facts about only themselves.
Recently, Larry Rosen talks in his book ‘iDisorder’ on phantom vibration syndrome n facebook depression. Your pocket  buzzes and you have no phones in the pocket or, mood swinging for heavy users of Facebook. What you need, is a sense of restorative balance and self awareness. Take a tech break.

Can you do electronic fasting?
As a matter of fact, many teens eschew sleep for engrossing video games, texting conversations, or Facebooking.
According American Academy of Pediatrics, 75% of teens use cellphones at night when they should sleeping. And, after 9 pm, 34% of adults reported text messaging, 44% talking on phone, 55% being online, and 24% playing computer games.
Media use also can disrupt sleep hours after turning off electronic devices.

Electronics uses displace physical activity, a natural element for promoting quality sleep.
Sleep deprivation disrupts human growth hormones. School work is no excuse – memory, immune system, attention, language, thought, or consciousness are more important.

Well, easy saying than doing ….
In today’s world of smartphones, over scheduling, and busy parents, how to curtail use of electronic devices?

1) Take electronics out of bedroom
2) Discourage use of electronics after dinner
3) Get outside – for every hour of electronics at home, spend an hour for outdoor activity
4) Set good example
5) Limit screen time at home two hours per day
6) Be firm – you are the parent and it’s up to you to do what’s right

Suresh Shah
, Managing Director, Pathfinders Enterprise

3 responses to “Technology disruption in family life”

  1. Pritamlal Doshi says:

    shri sureshbhai shah: thank you for sending email. every parents and children must read the artical and follow your regards:p j doshi

  2. Shirish M Kamdar says:

    I 100% agree.

    I do not have TV OR Laptop OR PVC in my bedroom.

    I feel that Mobile phone service providers should be asked to charge more for call made at night so that youngsters who are using the same at night will reduce the use.

    As a grand father, I keep telling all my grand kids to see less of TV and play outside games……..

    Good presentation of real problems being faced by the society.

  3. admin_1_user says:

    Thanks Shirish. Technology upgrades will bring more of that. You cannot avoid. In my Talk in May on Are you ready to manage business in future, I show how the technology changes affect the way you do business. One has to be prepared for adapting to those changes. For children, parents want them to be away from screen. However, the new toys are coming with the screen! Recently, I saw a toy like Helicopter that flies in the room. But there is not remote. It operates only with Smartphone or Tablet. Parents face dilema – whether to allow children to use phones / iPads. Whereas, many schools promote the use of these gadgets.