This is how we do it

1] Crafting Policy guidelines for your company

Do you have Policy Manuals? When did you update last?

Have you formulated Social Networking Guidelines for confidentiality, code of conduct, signed as part of your employment contract?

Are your employees clear on what they cannot do?
Need to address Acceptable behaviors and employee expectations.

At times, complexity arises in Structure, or Systems and need directions. Company Policies should ‘accomplish’ something – it cannot be an unthinking reaction to an incident. You cannot write a policy after every mishap/incident.

Suresh knows why many employees do not follow company policies. He shows to them how knowing these policies is beneficial to them.


2] Corporate Compliance: How To Prevent Ethical Failures In Business

Who would have thought of a sound, solid and the oldest bank in UK, Barings to collapse like a flash of cards?

Can Nick Lesson do it again?

Microsoft and Apples started their business in a garage with limited resources.

Nick Lesson, spending evenings at the Pub in Singapore, prepared for closing of Barings bank.

Culture of the company plays a vital role – no one wants to hear the bad news.                               (Enron/Arthur Anderson)


Compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law.

Regulatory compliance describes the goal that corporations or public agencies aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that personnel are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Singapore’s squeaky-clean reputation can be a bane sometimes:

  • Makes people complacent (towards compliance)
  • Scandals won’t happen here (blind faith)
  • No need to invest in required compliance costs
  • It is not easy to cheat and escape here
  • Controls are in place –regular audit by Public accountants


Suresh helped few companies for protecting from ethical failures.

  • Why controls – how it helps to comply with regulations
  • Organization structure and reporting lines
  • Look into your systems – in compliance with relevant regulations
  • Fraud- a general profile – Creative accounting (cosmetics)
  • Organizational controls – Cash, Receivables, Inventories, Fixed assets – know before the Audit


3] Winning the War for Talent

Why the war?

Winning the War for Talent

  • The fiercest war for Talent in the history
  • Lowest unemployment rate in decades
  • Industries’ Insatiable appetite for skill

You may be feeling ‘’battle fatigue’’.

Retain the people who keep you in business.

Let Suresh join you in winning this War. He will tell you,

  • Handle With Care – X-ers and Other Generations
  • Keys to Keeping the Right People
  • Are You Building Their Future or Are You In the Way?
  • There are Five Career Paths other than Up

4] Your Annual budget – Techniques of preparing your business budget

Suresh speaks to the companies,

  • Adding 10% to previous year’s costs is Not the next year’s budget – why?
  • Habit of zero budgeting
  • Remove abnormalities while budgeting