Trust vs Doubt

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live –

Johann Wolfgang von Goeghe

If you have ever felt sense of self-trust, then and then only

you will realize how it is to trust someone else.

To trust yourself means that you need to understand yourself

well first.

Say, you are looking for a partner – you have written down the

criteria, like developing business ideas together, brainstorming,

being creative, questioning, learning, and building relationship


Say, that new Partner is You. Develop trust with yourself.

Know who you are, know your

  • Strengths
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Your actions to build ongoing trust
  • You are accountable

Let us look at this case study example:

John decided to find a life partner:

A woman with whom he can grow old. Because of being

occupied, all his partners left in the past

John gave a try on a dating website, describing all attributes

he desired in a partner

John, you’ve got mail!

Someone responded for meeting him – Julie

John could not find a partner in Julie, after one houe talk.

So, he decided to live alone – to commit his life to doubt.

He doubted to find a suitable partner for him. He withdrew

withdrew from the website. He started doubting his ability.

He will have to build inner trust for his abilities.

To create inner trust,

one must work from values of integrity, humility, gratitude,

and generosity.

Integrity = living with your values

Following through, being honest, responsible, committed,

and doing what is right, showing it outwardly; integrity must be


Humility = move beyond your ego, beyond sense of feeling

more important than others, open to learning, open to not

knowing, open to seeing beauty in others. It is the key that

opens our mind to learning from others; it is trusting who we

are so that we can trust others

Gratitude = shifter of energy

Our worries are small in comparison to what we have to be

grateful for. If you are thankful for those who they are,

you can have a healthy and optimistic view of the world.

Signs of healthy mind, body, and soul:

  • Acknowledging
  • Praising
  • Appreciating
  • Being grateful


Generocity = giving away, when you feel full and satisfied.

You have to value yourself, have self-respect, love yourself,

then only you can trust others.

Trust yourself, in order to trust others.

If you doubt that what you do, you not believe in, then

you are in doubt; you will destroy all trust others have in you.

Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise

Adapted from excellent write by Bronwyn Bowery

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