Vending machine

Year 1615 in England – the first Vending machine introduced not for Casino, not for Candies, nor for any other rewards. It was for regulating dispensing measured amount of holy water – minimising the greed.

In the year 1822, the first coin-operated machine was introduced by Richard Garlie. It came under fire for producing prohibited items like Porn books, films, etc. For safety of customer, it used to deliver by assistants at address given.
Penny drops and you get Postage stamps, Tutty-fruity Gums, Coca-Cola, Luxury cars toys models, Pizza to order. etc.

In 1876, Japan started Newspapers vending for public.

Then came a machine producing Postcards in UK in 1883, followed by Railway stations for issuing Tickets.

New York was quite late to follow.

Soon, Germans started delivering food items.
This was followed by Cigarettes and Soap products.

The Americans came forward in Pennysvenia in 1902.
McDonald came in with a franchise in 1960s.

The most popular today, is beverages.
It started in Paris, in 1890 with delivering Beer, Fizzy water. It then came with using Electricity for cooling and mixing flavours of choice.
Carbonated Drinks – Australia was the first in 1953.
This was a period of explosion for Vending machines.

Japan has 5.5 million Vending machines in use today – one for every 23 people.

In 1950s, Japan introduced delivering Juices, with descending fountain at top. This was a hit – only 10 Yen per cup of juice.

In 1964, there are 5 million machines.
They now have groceries including Sushi, Fast food, Batteries, Umbrellas, Books, Sake, Business cards, Flower arrangements, etc.

Disturbing factor was delivering Puppies!

In 2006, Credit card use, it is more convenient, now, making possible selling high priced items like iPads, Mobile phones, Digital cameras, computers, etc.

In 2016 Australia Motors opened in Singapore, selling Luxury cars like Ferrary, and Lumboghin.

Suresh Shah,

My thoughts in writing above, are inspired by Zoe Mennier

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