What makes you happy?

Often when asked “Does more money make you happier?”, many people agree that it does.

In a metropolitan city where cost of living is rising, it is hard to disagree why.

You will tend to focus on building up your wealth to achieve that desired standard of living.
However, little is made known that high standards of living does not necessarily equate to happiness.

The person may possess everything in terms of monetary wealth but be unsatisfied with life.

They may have a lonely social life or be burdened with health issues or lacking in mental wellness.

This is known as having a high standard of living but poor quality of life. It is important to learn

how to balance both.

There are ways and means to find happiness.

  1. Be with others who make you smile – be with happy people.
  1. Hold on to your values – true, fair, and your beliefs are your values. Hold on to them.
  1. Accept the good – find what is working for you in Life. Let little things satisfying you come in.
  1. Imagine the best – do not be afraid of looking at What you want. Do not be afraid of getting

disappointed when you cannot get it. Imagining is a great part of achieving it.

  1. Do things you love most – find greater happiness by doing things you love most
  1. Find purpose – be greater than you, it is fulfilling
  2. Listen to your heart – you know what fills you up
  3. Push yourself, not others – Stop blaming others and soon you will find the answer
  1. Be open to change – it may not feel good, change is that you can count on. Make contingency plans for coping up with the change
  1. Bask in simple pleasures – people who love you, treasured moments, jokes, warm days, starry

nights – ties and gifts that bind


Suresh Shah, Pathfinders Enterprise


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