Wigs on your head

Have you ever used Wigs on your head!

Wigs are in use since 2700 BCE.

Egyptians started using it as a fashion.

Followed by Louise XIV (1650). It is still in used for Judges!

As it happens class in societies ranking came in to change materials, styles, who is using, and many more reasons for changing the Wigs.

When Christianity became legal religion in 313 CE in Rome, the Church criticised wearing Wigs, declaring it a sin.

Whereas, in China- during Tang Dynasty it became a fashion for rich and affluents.

An interesting development – in 1715, when riots started in France, men were using much flour to powder their wigs, shortage of bread happened. The government taxed use of bread powder. That brought almost the End of wearing wigs.

Yet some professionals continue to use Wigs as fraternities – Bishops, Coachmen, Lawywers. Even it is continued till today.
Like Phoenix, it rose again in Victorian and Edwardian era.

The fashion come back for African American. – it was a better substitute for painful process of straightening of hair.

The pandemic could not damage Wig wearing.
Masks might cover your face, but your hairs are there for all to see.

– Suresh Shah


From interesting talk and discussion by Zoe Meunière

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